W2P for Wide Format

The way we address W2P for Wide Format is similar to the way we address the rest of the industry in general. The major difference between regular print and wide format which makes wide format complicating are its SIZE. SIZE DOES MATTER.

We have 2 overarching technologies. The first and longest standing technology is our ePOWER and Web to Print CLOUD (W2PCLOUD) technology. This technology is most commonly used for B2B purposes between PSP’s and their established customers. On the front-end, this is generally easy to address because here the items are pre-set and/or templated and it all happens within our infrastructure which has all the sophistication to accommodate pre-approved materials. We also address the workflow side of the production back-end because our production workflow is easily customizable in that you can create you own custom print production workflow and assembly line. Because of the nature of our customizable back-end workflow, we don’t have the same issue as our competitors do in trying to retrofit a standard web to print backend for the purposes of wide format. Our system thankfully, does not have that issue.

Where we have seen additional challenges was with another technology offering we have called Web to Print SHOP (W2PSHOP). This offering is a modular solution whereby we append the W2P technology into the website of our customers.

We have 3 general technologies that are commonly used by our customers to facilitate a printing website for the B2C space.

  1. W2P SHOP Price Matrix which facilitates the display of product options such as size, substrate, etc.
  2. GoPrint2 Upload Technology which allows the customer to upload files. This technology will detect the file and make sure it resonates with the price matrix.
  3. W2P SHOP uDRAW which is the design online editor of which we now have 4 different design editors.

Size affects pricing:

General W2P Solutions may be able to accommodate standard product options like paper size, weight, finishes etc, but when it comes to the size, it adds a whole new layer of sophistication since price is based on a unit of space which depends on the metric. And that price per unit will decrease the bigger the size and the more quantities you print.

File sizes affect uploads:

Size affects file uploads as well. The end user must make sure that the file uploaded resonates with the size selected in the product options. So we need to make sure there is communication between the file upload technology with the product and pricing options.

File sizes affect the online design editors:

Size also may affect the design online technology as well for the same reasons. The design online applications can clog the internet bandwidth which can also make the end user experience quite unenjoyable. So our technologies are geared to address that as well.

We have circumvented the issues on all 3 because our solutions development focuses on one goal – FLEXIBILITY so that our solutions are as advanced, adaptable and affordable as possible. In line with this thinking, our uDRAW editor draws from 4 different online design technologies. Whereas most solutions will give you one editor, whatever the capabilities they have will box you in to a single way of doing things. However, we utilize 4 editor so that whatever one can NOT do, the other 3 potentially can.


Some systems can not handle the size issues , and if they can, then sometimes the hosting infrastructure might create limitations. So we circumvent this in our technology software and by making our infrastructure one that can accommodate this as well. Very often we are asked by a customer to assist them with their W2P technology, but when the technology is embedded in their website, their site can not handle it. At that point we recommend that they scale up their hosting infrastructure, or have us host it.

BCT Southwest launches monumental web-to-print website, powered by Racad Tech Inc. and Bloomtools™.

Powered by the proficiency of Racad Tech’s Web to Print Shop software and Bloomtools™, BCT Southwest is proud to announce the launch of its new, state of the art website: www.bctsouthwest.com.

Having provided exemplary, customer-friendly, wholesale printing services to the southwestern United States since 1981, BCT entrusted Racad Tech and Bloomtools to manufacture their brand new online ordering platform.

Given Bloomtools’ familiarity with Racad’s Web to Print Shop Solutions, Bloomtools produced an eye-catching, user-friendly front-end backed by endless web-to-print capabilities. BCT was thrilled to team with the agencies in taking the next step of their evolution. BCT is dedicated to the highest quality printing services for their customers and this launch enables them to excel even further in this department.

On the front-end, BCT Southwest can now effortlessly manage and maintain their online presence through Bloomtools’ cutting-edge toolbox of web management support. Bloomtools constructed a Smart Form, designed for product estimates: whether a customer is ordering a business card, memo pads, or a presentation folder, the Smart Form technology ensures the field options are customized to the specific product requirements.

On the back end of the site, Racad powered the online ordering and e-commerce with their Web-to-Print Cloud Technology powered by Go ePower. Customers can register accounts, making it easier to access features online.

BCT was using a combination of Racad’s ePOWER (now Web to Print Cloud) along with some older proprietary software and took a leap forward by transitioning their entire ordering system using Racad’s Cloud-based Web to Print / ePower system, making this project among the largest migrations for Racad Tech in recent years.

BCT manages multiple production facilities and multiple accounts, offering 172 different products, offering over 297 services, 2,400 sub services, and 30,000 lines of pricing,the launch of the new website was a large scale accomplishment for both BCT Southwest and Racad.

“We’ve never done anything this big; we’d only ever worked with in house programmers before” says BCT Southwest owner, Gary Matchinsky. “I was very happy with the speed and ordering portion on the back end by Racad. We look forward to continually growing our web presence through automation and improved customer experience. Both Racad and Bloomtools rose to the challenge and met our needs.”

About BCT Southwest: www.bctsouthwest.com

BCT has been proving wholesale printing services to the southwestern United States for 36 years. They have dedicated themselves to the high quality reproduction of printed good, from black raised ink business cards all the way to a full-color, tri-fold brochure with perforations and sequential numbering.

About Racad Tech:  www.racadtech.com

Racad Tech is an innovative leader in web-to-print solutions. Focusing exclusively on the print and graphics industry since 2001, Racad is an industry pioneer in web-to-print capabilities, with powerful, affordable print solutions, including Web to Print Cloud, and Web to Print Shop.

About Bloomtools: www.bloomtools.ca

Founded in 2004 as a small software development house, Bloomtools later bloomed into a market leader in the web design industry. With re-sellers and franchisees all over Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, Bloomtools has established itself as the standard in developing secure and customized lead-generating websites, while producing results-oriented, expert digital marketing strategies.

Eden Advertising & Interactive and Racad Tech Inc. partner to launch cutting-edge, web-to-print website for Rainbow Printing

(Toronto, Ontario) April 19, 2017 – Eden Advertising & Interactive Inc. and Racad Tech Inc. are proud to announce the launch of joint client website project for Rainbow Printing https://rainbowprinting.ca/.

With 30 years of commercial and security printing expertise, and an established brand in Atlantic Canada, Rainbow Printing entrusted Eden & Racad to construct their new, robust, web-to-print platform.

Eden and Racad worked alongside the Rainbow Printing team, harmonizing each company’s specialties throughout the site. This balance resulted in the best in modern web design and limitless web-to-print capabilities.

Eden managed the front end of the website, developing the intuitive user-friendly interface, combining all the creative and content while keeping SEO and user-experience in mind at every stage. Racad Tech, an industry leader in web-to-print technologies, implemented customized W2P solutions and state-of-the-art e-commerce capabilities. With Racad Tech’s backend tools, users can easily customize and order their printing products through the online shopping portal.

“Rainbow Printing has been looking for partners to handle the logistics of online ordering for our Commercial and Security printing services in a secure environment, along with ease of use for our Canadian and U.S. markets,” said Grant Obermeier, Owner of Rainbow Security Technologies Ltd. “We found exactly what we needed in Eden and Racad, a combined team that built a powerful web-to-print platform that’s more than capable of handling our clientele today, and in the future as we continue to grow our markets.”

This state-of-the-art site opens new opportunities for Rainbow Printing to serve a broader Canadian clientele, as well as the lucrative American market to the south.

Check out the new website: https://rainbowprinting.ca/

Eden Advertising: www.edenadvertising.com
Eden Advertising & Interactive is a full-service advertising agency located in Toronto. Eden specializes in results-driven marketing that provides clients with optimized online and offline marketing solutions that are proven to generate maximum results.

Racad Tech: Racad Tech is an innovative leader in web-to-print solutions. Focusing exclusively on the print and graphics industry since 2001, Racad is an industry pioneer in web-to-print capabilities, with powerful, affordable print solutions, including uDraw, Web to Print Cloud, and Web to Print Shop.

Racad Tech’s W2P Expert to Present at AATCC & SGIA’s educational conference, Digital Textile Printing: The future is Now

Reuben Quesus, the Director of Business Development at Racad Tech, was chosen as one of seventeen print industry experts to present at AATCC and SGIA’s unique educational conference, Digital Textile Printing: The Future is Now.

The conference is to be held December 6-7th at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel in Durham, North Carolina. This two-day program will feature only the print industry’s most renowned figures to go over the all the latest technologies and business innovations that pave the future of print.

The presentation, titled, “Designing for Digital What Can You Do?” will focus on the ways to leverage open source technologies to accomplish web facing portals for ordering and online designing technologies.

“The perspective that we bring to the table will be eye opening to some and very disruptive to others,” Reuben said. “By exposing the possibility of developing homegrown solutions from the open-source world, businesses will realize that they have more control of their web properties than they did previously.”Backed by focused research and years of experience providing advanced web-to-print solutions for the print industry, Reuben and the specialists at Racad Tech have equipped a countless number of businesses with cost-effective technologies that are advanced and flexible enough to meet any demand.The W2P Solutions presentation by Racad Tech will educate print businesses how to be more competitive in the web space by unraveling much of what there is to know about open-source solutions:

  • General Market Statistics
  • Ordering Processes
  • Defining Traditional / Proprietary W2P Solutions
  • Introducing Open Source Solutions
  • Listing The Advantages / Disadvantages of OS vs. Proprietary
  • Introducing Open Source Options & Features
  • Open Source Statistics
  • Practical Examples

As a member of the SGIA and a forerunner of advanced web-to- print technology, W2P Solutions by Racad Tech is making it their mission to help push the printing and imaging industry forward with up-to- date technology. Reuben hopes the presentation will deliver a wealth of understanding and inspiration for conference registrants to take back to their businesses.

“Technology is always advancing,” he adds. “And I hope everyone will come to understand just how that makes things things more affordable for smaller businesses with minimal budgets to compete with the giants.”

If you’d like to learn more about the conference, come and check out the official page at AATCC LINK: https://www.aatcc.org/evnt/digital-printing for everything you need to know from program timetable to hotel accommodation.

GoPrint2 Launches Terminal Server Version, Dillner’s Accounting Tools

(Toronto, Ontario) July 14, 2016 – GoPrint2 launches terminal server version of their PDF Print Driver for Dillner’s Accounting Tools, Inc.

Dillner’s Accounting Tools, Inc. is a technology company based in Westminster, Maryland, that provides software and support to accounting firms for their multi-client processing. Accounting firms can send password-protected financial documents to their clients and perform multiple accounting functions through Dillner’s portal. GoPrint2 was incorporated into their system in order to expand their capabilities and improve their market competitiveness.

GoPrint2 is a web-to-print solution designed and developed by Racad Tech. It was originally created for the graphic arts industry in order to give print service providers the necessary tools to ensure that their customers can send files, regardless of the size, quickly and easily in a print ready format. It is a customizable web-based solution and PDF driver that can complement any system. It is applicable for law offices, libraries, schools and universities, and any company or institution that has in-plant operations.

In 2007, GoPrint2 was custom fit into Dillner’s system in order to enable its accounting firm customers to send and print documents to their clients from any software such as Quickbooks, etc.

Recently, a new version of GoPrint2 was developed for terminal servers. In this case, GoPrint2 was installed directly into the terminal server, allowing multiple users to simultaneously use the program. GoPrint2 now supports Windows Terminal Server. Dillner’s is the first company to use this. The terminal server version accommodates the needs of a growing number of accounting firms that are switching to cloud servers.

Learn more about PDF drivers for accounting firms here.

Visit Dillner’s Accounting Tools, GoPrint2 and Racad Tech’s websites for more information.

Racad Tech’s Business Development Director to Present at 2016 SGIA Expo this September

At this year’s SGIA Expo in Las Vegas, Reuben James, director of business development of Racad Tech, and developer of Web To Print Shop, will be speaking about how open source innovations can be leveraged in the web-to-print industry, and the implications for businesses and consumers.

Mr. James’s presentation, titled “Leveraging Open Source Technology for Web-Based Garment Design & Ordering,” will focus on how custom designing and ordering garments and other print materials is aided by innovative open source technologies coupled with advanced web-to-print technologies.

The talk will focus on best practices, the risks and benefits of an open source platform versus the traditional proprietary offerings in the market today in the areas of time, costs, security, and other essential factors. This talk promotes technological advancement in the web-to-print space and allows affordable investment by small and medium-sized businesses that are on a path to growth. This is consistent with Racad’s business practices, which put the focus on helping printing businesses flourish in the web-to-print sphere.

The SGIA Expo is a prestigious annual event within the printing industry that brings together the industry’s brightest minds. The SGIA Expo hosts a wide array of presenters, exhibitors, and print industry professionals looking to share information and learn about the newest, most innovative technologies in the printing and imaging industry.

Racad Tech is the innovative company behind popular web-to-print solutions including Web To Print Shop, Web To Print Technology (powered by Go ePower), GoPrint2, uDraw, and Online Sign Studio with features that include:

  • Corporate branded web-to-print portals
  • E-commerce web-to-print storefronts
  • WordPress plugins compatible with existing websites
  • Other third party integrations with existing website
  • An in-browser graphic designer with web-to-print capabilities
  • FTP, email, and print driver based solutions
  • Variable data printing
  • Multi-location job routing
  • Customizable order production
  • Online price calculator and estimator

Learn more about the exciting new solutions available through Web To Print Shop at WebToPrintShop.com.

Racad Tech Is Proud To Announce Upcoming Webinar Leading The Technology Curve In Web-to-Print

Racad Tech is proud to announce that it is the sponsor of Digital Impressions’ upcoming webinar titled “Leading the Technology Curve in Web-to-Print”. The webinar is scheduled for March 9, 2016 at 2pm EST (11am PST).

The webinar promises to be an eye opening event that will cover a lot of hot topics and technologies that have yet to be officially released in the market such as responsive web pages, mobile friendly templates and UI’s, and 3D printing for web. Chairing the webinar will be Ryan McAbee of Infotrends along with Andrew Hrwyrnak, president of Print Three Franchising Corporation, a leading print franchise in Canada, and Nicole Rugen, digital media specialist of Fetch Graphics in Wisconsin.

The webinar coincides with the release of an Infotrends study and white paper on web-to-print technology that is ‘Leading the Technology Curve’ with a focus on Racad Tech’s Web To Print Shop solution due to its flexible and modular nature.

The white paper will illustrate that there is a polar shift in the way W2P technologies are being applied. Readers and attendees of the webinar will be better informed and equipped once those changes come.

You can register for the webinar here: http://event.on24.com/r.htm?e=1104271&s=1&k=C3445EC034F078F272E8C9540D49BBF4&partnerref=RACAD

For more information regarding W2PShop, call (800) 944-0875 or contact us.

Racad Tech Announces New “Do-It-Yourself” Web-To-Print WordPress Plugin

Racad Tech is pleased to announce the release of their W2P Shop – uDRAW plug-in for WordPress. The release of version 3.3.31 coincides with their publicly available version directly through WordPress at https://wordpress.org/plugins/udraw/. The release allows web-savvy and economically conscientious printers to integrate a flexible and affordable web-to-print solution.

The plug-in, publicly available on WordPress, gives printers unprecedented control over the web-to-print capabilities of their website. The plug-in is easily installed on any WordPress / Woocommerce-based website, eliminating the need to purchase an expensive or complicated web-to-print website or web-to-print software.

This web-to-print plug-in has empowered Racad’s print customers with more control over their web-to-print solutions and technology investments. The flexibility of the plug-in is creating a shift in the way print related technologies are created and adopted. Print businesses are no longer boxed in by the limitations of technology. With this solution, you have the option to pay for only the components you need, rather than all the unnecessary bells and whistles of an over-architectured solution.

The plug-in has been successfully in use for several years as a serviced solution to Racad’s existing client base. Jonathan Watt, the owner of Copy Cat Express, a copy and print shop in Kingston Jamaica, and one of the earliest adopters of the technology, is extremely satisfied with the solution. “The addition of the uDRAW plug-in has been great for my website. The folks at Racad have been extremely responsive when it comes to input from me and my staff which is quite comforting given the essential role that my website plays in my growth and success,” he says.

The plug-in is one of many steps Racad has taken to propel advancement and innovation within web-to-print and create a shift in the standard that technologies are accessed and applied. The end result will be solutions that are affordable, advanced, and flexible.

If you’re interested in learning more about Racad Tech’s latest web-to-print solutions for your business, call (800) 944-0875 or contact us.

Attend SGIA on November 9th and Stop by the W2P Shop Booth

Web To Print Shop by Racad Tech will be presenting at SGIA on November 4-5 in Atlanta, Georgia at the Georgia World Congress Centre! This show supports the wide format printing community, sharing the latest technology and information available for all types of specialty printing – including wide format web-to-print technology, digital imaging, finishing, screen printing, and a whole lot more!

Racad’s own web-to-print guru, a regular contributor to the SGIA Journal, wrote several articles focused on web-to-print technologies which have been well-received by the print community. Learn more about the SGIA Journal here: www.sgia.org/journal

Tickets to this show are free until October 13, so sign up to attend before you miss your chance! Visit the SGIA site to learn more.


W2P Shop is Attending & Sponsoring the XMPie User Group Conference

Posted by Racad Tech on 30 September 2015

Join W2P Shop at the XMPIE User Group Conference on October 26 to learn about the year’s most ground-breaking innovations in XMPie. We’re pleased to be contributing as a sponsor.

The focus of the conference is boosting user-engagement, so it’s sure to be an engaging event! In addition to W2P Shop, dozens of other innovative companies in the printing, marketing, and web-to-print industry will be present and showing off their technologies and implementations of XMPie.

Learn more about the event, including how you can sign up at: www.xmpieusers.org.

Web to Print Shop by Racad Tech Exhibited at CONSAC 2015 Sign Show

Web to Print Shop was pleased to exhibit at the CONSAC 2015 show this weekend from Thursday September 24 to 26 in Toronto. CONSAC is a prestigious sign show hosted by the sign show association of Canada.

CONSAC attracts companies from all over the world. Graphics and sign printing companies gather to see and share all the latest and greatest in the Canadian sign industry. Exhibitors have the opportunity to connect with and educate clients and contemporaries about their latest innovations.

In addition to being an exhibitor, Racad was proud to be a sponsor, contributing to cash prizes distributed at the event.

Visit the CONSAC 2015 website at www.sac-ace.ca/consac to learn about the event.