Will there be a Printing Industry in the future?

Will there be a Printing Industry in the future?

Rosemary Brown MD of The Copy and Print Shop Ltd. in Glasgow certainly thinks so, but it will be very different and better.

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The UK’s high street printers face the most challenging of times. Spiralling rent and rates coupled with the competition from the online print giants and a general decline in the use of print in the office, college and at home, make success very difficult these days.

However, Glasgow based The Copy and Print Shop is bucking the trend. Established in 1992 they have provided quick print services to local businesses for over 27 years. And are currently ranked 8th out of 62 online print companies in the UK according to Trustpilot. So, they know a thing or two about printing.

The Copy and Print Shop is one of the few printing businesses in the UK which offers on demand SAME DAY or NEXT DAY printing services. Having both a high street location (open Monday-Saturday) and an online print shop accessible 24/7– they have the unrivalled ability to provide customers real benefits of convenience with fast turnaround times, quality printing and low prices.

They provide a full gamut of all the popular print products such as leaflets, posters, invites, menus, brochures and booklets as well as business document and student printing services. More recently they have expanded into printing all types of PVC banners, pull up banners, wall art and photographic printing, large format posters and signage.

Now many printing companies probably offer the same, or at least similar, services that the Copy and Print Shop offer. But what’s unique about the Copy and Print Shop, is their partnership with Canadian pioneering Web-To-Print company, Racad Tech.

Racad Tech is an innovative leader in web-to-print technologies. Since the late 90’s, they have been developing web systems for a varied group of trades, including game specification and game development, online banking applications, e?commerce applications, advertising programs and campaigns, and of course, printing. After having developed numerous web-to-print applications, Racad Tech began to shift their focus exclusively to the print and graphics industry. They have a deep knowledge of the printing industry, which allows the company to connect well with the needs of printing companies (such as The Copy and Print Shop).

Brown at The Copy and Print Shop approached Racad Tech with a challenge. She wanted to create a fully automated document printing service for her customers to use online.

Could Racad Tech create software that could do this ? The answer was Yes.

Very simply the customer uploads their document in PDF format on the website, the software then scans the pages and determines the number of pages which are only black and the number of pages that are colour and calculates a cost for printing that document.

By integrating this onto the shop website, The Copy and Print Shop is the only print company in the UK to offer a fully automated document printing service.  This innovation certainly sets them apart from their competitors.

Simply visit the shop website (www.thecopyandprintshop.com) and upload your document in PDF format, make your selections of paper type, binding options etc. and the Copy and Print Shop does the rest.  You can either collect your printing in store or have it delivered to you or anywhere in the UK – it’s that easy and super convenient.

Brown comments that

“There is no other company in the UK with this sort of facility.  It’s really cool to be so unique for our customers. It’s good for our customers too because, for example, if you have a business report with a mix of colour pages and black text pages, normally you’d have to either count up the colour and black pages yourself and input the numbers on your order form, or you have to choose to print only in colour or only in black! Making the printing either very expensive (because you’d have to pay for colour throughout) or downgrade to a black and white document – which is cheaper but not what you may want. This is an easy, cost effective way to deliver our customers what they need.”

Brown goes on to say

“there will come a day when very few of us will have a printer at home or in the office.  People will still need to print or have things they want printed.  But switching to our automated document printing service the environmental savings, in terms of electronic waste, redundant printers, empty ink and toner cartridges, are incalculable.

So, from a green perspective The Copy and Print Shop’s innovation is good news for everyone.