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Online Sign Studio: Wide Format Web-to-Print Made Easy

onlinesignstudio_logoOnline Sign Studio combines graphic design tools with web-to-print technology, making it simple for your customers to create an endless array of custom signs and wide format products. Visitors to your website have the ability to develop professional signs, posters, adhesive wraps, lawn signs, and other wide format products for their business. They can opt to use your pre-designed templates or design their own. Once an order is finalized, your customers' files are sent to you to be printed and shipped.

Features of Online Sign Studio:

  • Create a wide variety of signage and wide format products including: signs, roll up banners, posters, bus stop and bench signs, car wraps, lanyards, real estate signs, and more.
  • HTML5-based software is compatible with any modern browser
  • Upload any file format such as eps, gif, jpg, pdf, png, svg, etc.
  • Built-in graphic design tools that can:
    • Edit text size, font, and colour
    • Add and manipulate images
    • Create and edit layers
    • Resize canvas, bleed, and crop lines
    • Enable QR codes
    • Add additional effects
  • Create individual and business logins
  • Upload pre-approved templates for your customers to use
  • Customers can create and save their own custom templates
  • Scaled pricing calculator
  • Track order history
Online Sign Studio can be added seamlessly to your existing site with any of the methods below. All options are flexible and can be customized to include the features you want and a design that fits your brand.

Integrate through:

  • WordPress plugin
  • Web To Print Technology (W2P Tech), powered by Go ePower
  • GoPrint2
  • APIs for third party systems
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GoPrint2: Introductory Web to Print - File Transfers with PDF Conversions

goprint2_logoGoPrint2 is a simple web-to-print solution that focuses on file submission technology. It provides printers with the necessary tools to simplify their customer's lives, helping them avoid the hassles of traditional printing. GoPrint2 allows customers to send files from their office, through their personal computer or the internet. The web-to-print driver automatically creates a print-ready PDF and opens a proof window for print buyers to preview documents, reducing time and potential errors. Some of the many benefits of GoPrint2 include:
  • Unlimited file size capabilities
  • A custom branded PDF print driver and website
  • Easy file submission to print providers
  • An option to either integrate with your FTP server or replace it
  • Easy setup and usage
  • PDF conversions through an install application or via internet
  • Online Proofing
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FingerPrintPics: Personalized Printing Solutions for Direct Mail with Variable Data Printing (VDP)

fingerprintpics_logosBlow through the sea of direct mail with a web-to-print solution like FingerPrintPics. In our world, it's increasingly important to get marketing messages across in an effective way that drives response. With FingerPrintPics and variable data printing, printers and marketing agencies can add a personal touch to direct mail easily and efficiently. Racad Tech's direct mail portal allows people to choose from a growing library of quality images with the ability to search by category. Variable data printing allows you to add image based personalization such as personal information - names and addresses - within a single print run. Some of the benefits of personalized direct mail with FingerPrintPics include:
  • A gallery of over 600 unique images
  • Searches by image category
  • Unlimited proofing
  • No design or programming skills required
  • Custom personalization
  • Online list merge and print PDF output
  • Licenses have their own personalized 1-to-1 store front
With Racad Tech's direct mail solution using personalized variable data printing, printers can dramatically improve response rates and increase ROI. Contact us or call (800) 944-0875 to get started and learn how FingerPrintPics can improve your direct mail responses.