Web To Print Cloud

Web To Print Cloud

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Web To Print Cloud by Racad Tech: The Ideal Web-to-Print Solution for Your B2B Online Printing Needs

partners3Web To Print Cloud by Racad Tech is a technologically advanced web-to-print solution that satisfies all business-to-business (B2B) online printing needs.

B2B Web-to-Print Portals

Our innovative B2B web-to-print portals make it easy for your print shop to develop custom web-to-print portals for corporate clients.


  • A single web-to-print portal for printing companies to create, store, print, and distribute all their marketing materials and promotional items
  • Pre-approved templates can be created, edited, and stored
  • Templates can include variable data components
  • Files are sent directly to your print shop once an order is confirmed
  • Budgeting tools and management approvals ensure transparency and reduce errors
  • Easy invoicing and order management tools
  • Accessible anywhere with internet access
  • Set up scheduled print jobs or reorder items as needed
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