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Affordable, advanced web-to-print shop software solutions.
The most flexible web-to-print software solution in the market.

W2P Shop achieves the ultimate flexibility through a modular infrastructure. Print service providers can publish their products on their own website, using WordPress, Shopify or on the W2P Cloud. The W2P Cloud system aggregates all the orders and manages them in a single dashboard.

Suited for any level of print and graphics infrastructure – small, mid-sized, or large businesses – W2P Shop’s online printing solutions have a strong track record in helping printing companies display their ideal online ordering portals and improve production workflows, profitability, and efficiency.

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    Who We Are

    Founded in the late 90’s, Racad Tech is an innovative leader in web-to-print technologies. We specialize in creating technologically advanced web-to-print applications that are intuitive, easy to use, and affordable. Racad’s mission is to make printing companies successful online by providing flexible technology solutions that meet their various criteria.
    We are obsessed with building excellent solutions, and our goal is to create tools that compel people to buy—tools that are fast, visually appealing and clean.

    The only thing we love more than our technology is our customers. The incredible people who use our products are the most important thing to us, and we’re here to provide support to them whenever they need.

    Things are moving really fast here, and we’re impacting the printing industry in a way we never expected. We’d love it if you joined us as partners in this journey.

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      Serving Over 1000 Print Service Providers and In-Plant facilities globally

      W2P Shop powers some of the most advanced online print stores for in-plants, digital printers, wide format printers, specialty printers and print franchises in the world.

      What our customers have to say

      BCT San Antonio

      We saw immediate cost savings of up to 300%, faster workflow and template creation, decentralized creation of templates and a large increase in features & functions (when migrating from our previous solution).

      Monta Frost
      BCT San Antonio


      Racad Tech provided (our students) with a complete file-to-print solution and programmed many customized aspects that the students have.  the service has worked flawlessly and has supported (the students’) needs for over 2-million page downloads so far in its first year.

      Mark Patenaude

      The Personalization Company

      …Their web to print plug-in’s are incredibly efficient and easy to use.  The personalization technologies have been instrumental in our hitting a million dollars in sales within the first 8 months of operation…

      Daniel Brudner
      The Personalization Company

      Mountain States Lithographing

      I have not found anything Web to Print related that this software can not do.  We are able to offer Web to Print at an affordable price without the steep set up fees.

      Kendall Bassett
      Mountain States Lithographing

      Print Three Franchising Canada

      …our coast to coast print network secured $2.5 Million in national accounts annually, driving $60,000 growth for every one of franchise locations.

      Andrew Hrywnak - President
      Print Three Franchising Canada

      Flexible Web to Print Solutions are:

      Multi-Platform Compatible for Custom & Responsive Websites

      Refined and tested for seamless cross-platform and browser compatibility. Publish products on your own website, using WordPress, Woocommerce, Shopify or on the W2P Cloud. Literally thousands of themes are available to present your websites the way you want.

      Multiple Product Template Creators for Flexible Products

      Products templates can be created using multiple document formats and product editors to facilitate corporate documents or design online prodcuts such as PDF, SVG, HTML5 and InDesign with the use of proprietary technologies or other 3rd party editors such as PDF Lib, XMPie and uDRAW.

      Multiple Payment & Shipping Integrations

      Over 60 payment gateways and shipping plug-ins.


      Components are flexibly constructed to stand alone, complement other systems, or replace them entirely.

      Search Engine-Friendly

      Built to maximize content for SEO initiatives, our solutions carry businesses to the summit of search results.


      No programming required, even for custom jobs.

      Technology Partners

      RACAD Tech’s web-to-print products are your comprehensive solution to elevate your business and increase revenue at an affordable cost.

      No transaction fees, no percent of sales, and no long term commitments.