WordPress Usage Statistics

While on the subject of statistics, there are close to 1 Billion websites on the internet. WordPress powers close to 100 Million of them. That being the case, anyone with a bit of proficiency can now go to WordPress (or any of the other website & e-commerce platforms) and set up their own website, integrate an e-commerce plug-in with the payment and shipping gateways of their choice – and be off to the races to make some money online. That was not so do-able in the print industry until most recently. Now, even printers can set up their WordPress websites and find Web to Print technologies that can be embedded and appended within their website within minutes.

Whereas in the past, someone had to take the risk of paying upwards of $50,000 to buy a software that would take a month to deliver which would ultimately end up as shelf-ware, (and if it didn’t, they were likely hiring a full time salary to operate the damned thing). Now, by spending a couple hundred dollars and spending no more than a week or 2 you will know if the solution is worthwhile. Note the difference in savings of time, money and aggravation. Aside from the time, money and frustration savings, there is another element worth noting.

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