Print Buying Order Management

Order Management, E-Commerce & Reporting

If you want to get into Web to Print, minimally you need to have an E-Commerce system with your online solution. You want to change your payment practices so that you minimize the need to chase your invoiced customers and have your customer prepay. An E-Commerce system is the perfect way to introduce prepayment. With a standard E-Commerce system you can manage your orders, keep history of them and generate reports.

Print Buying Order Management 

The more sophisticated solutions within the online printing space, offer many convenient features such as hierarchy permissions so that organizations that wish to adhere to a mandated budget or to quality control standards can approve orders at the management level before going to print.  These features have also been extended on some online printing systems so that larger production plants can include print brokers within their hierarchy.  These systems can become quite powerful especially if they include a lot of data to generate reports and integrations with accounting suites and/or print management systems.


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