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The Right W2P Provider For Your Business

How should you determine the right W2P provider for your business? That’s really a subjective question. You may base who your provider is based on price without much consideration for anything else. You may also want to consider someone that comes recommended by someone you know or close to your operation. If you are going […]

Open Source Web to Print Data

Typically, when investing in a Web to Print technology, even an affordable Saas-based technology, you are buying into a system that is completely “closed” in that the only human resources that can support your technology investment is the company familiar with it. Once you decide to stop paying that support fee, or if that group […]

WordPress Usage Statistics

While on the subject of statistics, there are close to 1 Billion websites on the internet. WordPress powers close to 100 Million of them. That being the case, anyone with a bit of proficiency can now go to WordPress (or any of the other website & e-commerce platforms) and set up their own website, integrate […]

Open Source Web to Print

Having said that, where would the uninitiated go from here?   For starters, if your web initiatives were to follow the stats, and you want to create a open source Web to Print infrastructure that will be supportable in the long term, you want to choose a website platform that is used by the majority and […]

Open Source Web to Print Expenses

The previous article: Proprietary vs. Open Source needs to be taken with a grain of salt. There are some people that delude themselves into thinking that an entire web based print conglomerate can be formed without spending a penny. That is certainly not the case as there are open source Web to Print expenses. Perhaps if […]

Open Source vs. Proprietary Web to Print

Open Source vs. Proprietary Technology practices varied between the print industry and the general web population because print technology is highly technical. The culture within the larger web development community was substantially different and generally more efficient. The print technology industry, because of its highly technical nature, was generally a proprietary nature and “closed” environment, […]

Web to Print as an Investment

In explaining the dynamics of successful business, a successful businessman taught his young son a basic principle in making wise investments. 1 – Buy low, sell high. 2 – Invest in what will make you the greatest return over the longest period of time. With that in mind, we will venture off in to the […]

Finding the Right Web to Print Technology

Finding the Right Web to Print Technology: I often recommend that people in search of such technologies be cautious of which technologies they invest in.  Often, the amount of years a Web to Print development company has been around is reassurance that your investment in technology is safe.  However, I have seen all too often […]

Modularized Web to Print

Modularized Web to Print Taking It All Apart Most web to print technology providers will not have all of the above. They may claim to have it all but very few do.  They often specialize in one or some of the above.  They may license or partner with other companies that have other technologies to […]

Print Buying Order Management

Order Management, E-Commerce & Reporting If you want to get into Web to Print, minimally you need to have an E-Commerce system with your online solution. You want to change your payment practices so that you minimize the need to chase your invoiced customers and have your customer prepay. An E-Commerce system is the perfect […]