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Variable Data Printing & Marketing

Variable Data Printing & Marketing  To a large degree, variable data is an extension of the above.  What Web to Print VDP does, is allow any portal visitor or consumer to select a product from an established product library or catalog, and modify the elements within the template allowing originality, creativity, and furthermore uniqueness.  Variable […]

Corporate B2B Print Portals

Corporate B2B Print Portals: One of the early incarnations of e-commerce based Web to Print (probably earlier than retail printing) included the ability to engage a printer’s existing customer base, and catalog their frequently ordered materials in a structured and convenient portal.  Such portals, typically saved documents in PDF format and allowed for variations within […]

Retail B2C Print Portals

Retail B2C Print Portals: Whereas the first initiatives in Web to Print were taken to create a smooth and convenient experience for established print customers, the expansion of web to print in the retail space now focuses on attracting new customers to an online print business.  Business to consumer (or B2C) Web to Print portals […]

Online Print Estimating Software

Online Print Estimating Software: Nearly any standard e-commerce system and shopping cart would be a sufficient medium for most industries to sell their wares. However, the same is not true for the printing industry for two reasons.  Most widgets are manufactured and sold as they are with very few options to customize or personalize.  In […]

Online Printing & File Uploading

Online Printing & File uploading: At the most basic level, Web to Print involves tools such as emails and FTP servers that allow print consumers to deliver originally designed files to print suppliers via the web with online printing and file uploading. Early initiatives online printing and file uploading were undertaken by the major manufacturers of […]

Racad Tech Announces New Web To Print Shop Tool For Wide Format Printing: Introducing Online Sign Studio

Online Sign Studio is a new wide format web-to-print technology under the Web To Print Shop umbrella. Combining graphic design tools with wide format web-to-print, Online Sign Studio makes it simple for customers to create custom signs, banners, posters, and other wide format products. Once designs are approved by clients and finalized, Online Sign Studio’s […]

Web to Print Shop Tutorial Shows How Easy Web to Print Can Be!

Racad Tech has unveiled WebToPrint.Solutions which is a new web-to-print resource website. The website contains some basic information about web-to-print. More interestingly, webtoprint.solutions is a repository of resources that will aid people in utilizing web-to-print technology to facilitate their printing. The website currently includes a new tutorial that walks new customers through the process of […]

uDraw is The Most Advanced Web-to-Print Solution Available

Racad Tech is pleased to announce a host of new features that advance the capabilities of their web-to-print technology, uDraw. Over the past couple of months, Racad Tech has been fine-tuning features on uDraw, the intuitive web to print plug-in for WordPress and other popular website platforms. Some of uDraw’s new and improved features include: […]

Racad Tech Unveils Modular Web to Print Shop Innovation – uDraw

On April 16, 2015, at the Graphics Canada tradeshow at the International Centre, Racad presented its newest innovation under the Web To Print Shop banner.  Racad’s director of business development, Reuben James, presented uDraw, a WordPress-based web-to-print plug-in that brings unprecedented affordability and customization to the web-to-print industry. With an instructive presentation at Graphics Canada, […]

Racad Launches Web To Print Shop, A Modular Web-to-Print Solution for Printers

Web-to-print innovator and veteran web developer Racad Tech has rebranded and launched a brand new web-to-print resource for printers looking for the latest, most innovative web-to-print solutions available in the marketplace today. Web To Print Shop, launched in August 2014, is a modular solution for printers seeking cutting-edge web-to-print technology. The developers at Racad Tech are […]