Corporate B2B Print Portals

Corporate B2B Print Portals:

One of the early incarnations of e-commerce based Web to Print (probably earlier than retail printing) included the ability to engage a printer’s existing customer base, and catalog their frequently ordered materials in a structured and convenient portal.  Such portals, typically saved documents in PDF format and allowed for variations within an organization as well as modification within the template so that common ordered items can be re-used by different employees, agents or offices within the same institution.  When standardized in PDF, templates ensure a consistent brand image across multiple locations or offices for businesses with more than one location.  Print vendors could establish fixed pricing with quantity breaks and integration with payment gateways and shipping providers.

Pre-approved marketing materials and designs can be catalogued and stored for quick and efficient reference and ordering. Print clients can upload, create and edit their own unique files and templates, including templates with their company branding. Files are sent directly to a local or preferred printing company for professional quality printing. Budgeting and approval tools ensure that company spending is transparent with easy invoicing and order management.

Aside from the general features listed above they may also include multiple B2B (Business to Business) customizable storefront print portals for other print brokers, sellers, franchisees, branches etc.  In these scenarios, really good web to print platforms equip these 2nd level portals with a unique store, unique offerings, and unique pricing capabilities.


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