Retail B2C Print Portals

Retail B2C Print Portals:

Whereas the first initiatives in Web to Print were taken to create a smooth and convenient experience for established print customers, the expansion of web to print in the retail space now focuses on attracting new customers to an online print business.  Business to consumer (or B2C) Web to Print portals allow print shops to offer convenient online printing to their customers. B2C printing often involves a web to print storefront or a web to print e-commerce portal where customers can create, edit and print their documents by adding them to a shopping cart.

User interfaces were created in javascript or flash so that website visitors could design or modify a desired template to their liking.  Over time these interfaces have become more advanced and optimized to improve user experience.  After designs are done, it is then previewed for approval and ordering.  The ordering of common printed items such as business cards, postcards, flyers, envelopes, letterhead have become easier to design and order due to these types of technologies.

It was probably at this stage, and with this type of technology in which the printing industry and the personalized garment ‎/ promo industry began to converge. The same canvas that can present a paper document with variable text or imagery can present a shirt, a hat or a mug and so on.

These Web-to-Print systems improved over time, becoming nicer-looking, easier to use, while incorporating more effective print shop management and integration capabilities on the back-end. People looking for a contemporary solution will need to look for an HTML 5 based solution as Flash has been rejected by tablets and smart phones while. Browsers also, no longer contain Flash as an embedded technology and therefore not recommended as a long term investment.

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