Racad Tech Unveils Modular Web to Print Shop Innovation – uDraw

On April 16, 2015, at the Graphics Canada tradeshow at the International Centre, Racad presented its newest innovation under the Web To Print Shop banner.  Racad’s director of business development, Reuben James, presented uDraw, a WordPress-based web-to-print plug-in that brings unprecedented affordability and customization to the web-to-print industry.

With an instructive presentation at Graphics Canada, Racad showcased uDraw, and how it leads the way for further advancements in web-to-print and the print business in general. uDraw was described as an interactive browser-based graphic designer and template building tool.

uDraw is available through Racad’s Web To Print Shop as a web-to-print plug-in for W2PShop, Web To Print Technology (W2P Tech, powered by Go ePower), WordPress, and other website publishers. It is available for printers and graphic artists looking to augment their products and services by allowing end users to make graphic modifications to template designs directly in their browser.

The cost-effective, yet powerful web-to-print plug-in empowers any webmaster with WordPress experience to manage, create, modify, and publish sophisticated print products on WordPress without incurring high fees normally associated with web-to-print technologies. Integration is fast and easy with hosted and enterprise options. uDraw is not only an online graphic designer and brand management tool, it is also a browser-based web-to-print plug-in that makes it simple to get printed materials.

“uDRAW is a perfect tool for printers and graphic designers who are looking for an economical way to enter the online print ordering space quickly and easily,” James explains.

According to InfoTrends, the online print business will double in size to $70 billion in online transactions by 2017. uDraw is an in-demand product that the market has been clamouring for since its release. The web-to-print trend is expected to continue as the number of customers using web-to-print services reached an all time high this year. The print business, and Racad, will continue to develop exciting new products and innovative solutions for online printing.
Visit the uDRAW demo website to find out more about the solution’s cutting-edge web-to-print capabilities.

Racad Tech

Racad Tech is committed to innovating and generating user-optimized web applications for a diverse client base. With over a decade of industry expertise and numerous solutions under its belt, Racad is a leading developer of web development software for printers.


uDraw is an innovative online web printing and template designer solution. It combines an online graphic designer with top of the line web-to-print and website publishing technology. Learn more about the brand management features that have made uDraw the most affordable, premium online printing solution online.

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