Announces The Launch Of Its Web PDF Engine, The Future Of PDF Conversion Software Via The Web

Toronto, November 18, 2008 –, a leading provider of internet-based file transfer solutions for the print and graphic arts industry, announced today that it has released their Web PDF Engine module, a PDF conversion engine that enables a printer’s customers to convert files into PDF format via the web. The universal PDF format is crucial in preventing discrepancies between the customer’s expectations and the print shop’s results. Without PDF conversions, font and color choices may appear differently upon printing, which require tedious reprocessing to render correctly.

These PDF conversion capabilities are currently available through the GoPrint2 web upload portal. This is one of the many modules available through the suite of introductory web-to-print solutions.

“We have experienced great success with our custom generated print driver. With the addition of the new Web PDF Engine module, printers can now experience greater success by catering to their larger clients,” said Reuben James, director of business development at Racad Tech. “Rigid IT rules at larger companies that do not allow the installation of external software onto their company’s system will not pose a problem with our new module. has created a process that allows clients to access the power of PDF conversion technology over the internet.’s Web PDF Engine circumvents the need for clients to download and install any external programs by accessing our PDF drivers on our servers.”

Mr. James emphasizes that, “the GoPrint2 Web PDF Engine is powered by next-generation technologies, offers superior accuracy, better ease of use and can convert the most commonly used file formats in the print industry, including, but not limited to, CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and the Microsoft Office suite. For a free demonstration of this innovative technology, we at GoPrint2 welcome all printers and graphic artists to visit us at Print World 2008 from November 22 to 24 at booth #845.”

Racad Tech

Racad Tech is committed to creating innovative and user-optimized web applications for a diverse client base. With our industry expertise, cutting edge technology and proven solutions, we are able to offer innovative software that meets the needs of our clients and their customers. Our recent developments include software services for the web-to-print industry. Our web-based products are also appropriate and affordable for a variety of other industries and businesses, regardless of their size.


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