Goprint2.Com Creates A New Standard In FTP And File Transfer Services For The Print And Graphic Arts Industries

Toronto, November 12th, 2008 – After having launched their web-accessible custom print driver for the print industry on April 7, 2008, Racad Tech, a leading provider of internet-based solutions, has evolved their GoPrint2 service into a composite suite of web-to-print solutions. Included in this suite is the new file transfer capability available via the GoPrint2 FTP replacement module.

“The GoPrint2 FTP replacement module is an affordable solution that will help printers handle large files from clients without the overhead of buying FTP servers or expensive FTP services,” said Reuben James, director of business development at Racad Tech. The new features include dynamically generated file upload pages that display the printer’s store information. Printers will now have the option to facilitate file transfers to their own FTP servers or have store the files for them.

Mr. James emphasizes that “ is an ideal solution for independent print businesses such as digital shops, sign shops, trade printers and in-plant operations alike. Print providers and their customers are aware of the obstacles associated with sending extremely large files. Using FTP servers can be very limiting, expensive, time consuming and will require system administration. eliminates the expenses and limitations of FTP servers or standard FTP services by gearing their service to the web-to-print market.”

Racad Tech, the company behind the technology, is currently offering this technology for free to gauge the effectiveness and popularity in the print community. They anticipate offering the service at a discounted rate to those who sign up and use it in the earlier stages of the GoPrint2 launch. The company will be evaluating their pricing model in 2009. The GoPrint2 FTP replacement modules can be accessed through the website, This solution is also available in Spanish and French.


Racad Tech is committed to creating innovative and user-optimized web applications for a diverse client base. With our industry expertise, cutting edge technology, and proven solutions we are able to offer innovative software that meet the needs of our clients and their customers. Our recent developments include software services for the web-to-print industry. Our web-based products are also appropriate and affordable for a variety of other industries and businesses, regardless of their size.


Cautionary Statement under “Safe Harbor” provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: Statements made in this fact sheet may contain information about the company’s future business prospects. These statements may be considered “forward looking” and are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results that differ materially from those set forth or implied by such forward looking statements.

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